Must read for all, "LG: SITE MODERATION POLICY"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:52 pm    Post subject: Must read for all, "LG: SITE MODERATION POLICY"

What follows describes a general contract between moderators and users on LG. it spells out how moderators are to treat users. It also gives guidelines for users.

Mods have worked on this for weeks and we've all agreed to abide by it.

We hope it will bring about better relations between Mods and users. We want a "kinder, gentler" Mod policy that avoids users and Mods 'getting oppositional.

We are working on many other things to make the site more stable and user friendly. We appreciate your feedback and feel free to pm a mod at any time if you have need.


Our goal is to protect the integrity of LakersGround by ensuring that it remains an enjoyable resource for all Lakers fans, while promoting open and active dialog among its users. For this reason, posts on LakersGround are moderated. Any post may be edited or deleted by a moderator, and egregious violations or repeat offenders may warrant disciplinary action. Posts that have no clear connection to the topic may be relocated or removed.

We recognize that discussions can get passionate and heated. These discussions cross the line when the person is attacked, rather than the idea. Critiquing others' ideas is fine, but attacks focusing on personality differences or other posters are not allowed and will not be tolerated. There is a gray area where a comment might be bordering on offensive, and moderators have discretionary power to recognize when discussions are heading in the wrong direction and take appropriate action.

Users can be banned for serious offenses. Any banned user may appeal their ban to the site administrator.

To help both users and moderators, we have developed the following guidelines to maintain consistency in our moderation and ensure an open and fair process. These guidelines don't necessarily represent a complete list, as people can always find loopholes.

A little about Moderator Discretion:

These are guidelines not intended as concrete rules. Moderators have the authority to act at their own discretion. A moderator might impose harsher discipline on a newer user whose posts are clearly headed in the wrong direction, while cutting slack with a long-time poster with a good history. Moderators will sometimes consult other moderators for input, or might call for a vote among moderators for specific cases.

Generally, LG moderators will not ban users when a suspension will suffice, and will not suspend users when a warning will suffice.

User behavior (warning/suspensions/bans):

Personal Attacks/Smack

What is a personal attack?

Any label or name directed in ill will at another user on this site. This can range on the lighter side of calling someone a hypocrite, hater, homer, idiot... to the more severe side of referring to another poster in an obscene manner. A red flag for moderators is the use of the pronoun "you," which will often indicate that basketball or the topic at hand is no longer being discussed. It will be left to moderator discretion as to the severity of the punishment.

Minor offenses may be dealt with as a warning, with the offense deleted from the post. Or a moderator may choose to suspend a user. Suspensions are given in increasing increments of 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and permanent ban.

Bypassing the Profanity Filter

This is simply unacceptable and will result in some punitive action at the discretion of the moderator, but guidelines follow below.

In the title of a thread: Automatic 3-Day suspension
In the body of a post: Warning, post edited/deleted, warning goes on user's record.

Second Offense: 3-Day suspension
Third Offense: 1-week suspension
Fourth or above: 1-month to permanent ban
Allowable phrases: WTF, crap, B.S., ass.
Not Allowable: Any of the well-known offensive words already in the filter. Replacing letters in the obscene word (c*ss w AT rd) is not tolerated.

Any racial slur or remarks that may be deemed insensitive to ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation will be dealt with severely. One such incident can result in a permanent ban.

Disrespecting the Board

Certain user actions have a negative effect on the board's credibility, and are not tolerated.

The following activity will result in an instant ban:
- Spamming the board with ads or links to other sites for monetary gain or search engine optimization.

- Knowingly making up and posting a fake rumor or non-satirical news item.

The following activity will result in an instant 1-Week Suspension:

- Making a joke thread about fake BREAKING NEWS. (Example: "Kobe Traded!!" when Kobe has not been traded.)


Users whose behavior and sole purpose on the site is to incite others, start flame wars, run smack or other similar activities may be subject to ban at moderator discretion.

Promoting Other Sites

Unless you are posting news, an article or a rumor, etc., which is fine, please get approval from a moderator before promoting your site. Spam is not tolerated at LakersGround. Spam posts will be deleted. Repeated offenses may result in disciplinary actions.

It is against copyright law to copy and paste entire published articles. You may post a "teaser" of no more than three paragraphs of the article and you must include a link to the original article.

Moderator Conflict of Interest

Moderators will generally avoid moderating threads in which they are participants. Only in extreme circumstance should they ever intervene. Again, "common sense" will have a role here.

In summary, we want open dialog, maximum usage and to maintain the integrity of the site. If you have any questions or ever want to report an abuse, please PM a moderator.

Go Lakers!
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Joined: 03 Aug 2001
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:10 pm    Post subject:

"As a follow-up to my previous announcement, I want you all to know that I want LG to succeed as a positive, enjoyable environment for all Lakers fans, and the new moderator policy is a first step to help bring that about."

Also, on another topic that relates to the above. I have purchased LG from Jason.

Jason has recently graduated with a Pharm. D. and is working as a Pharmacist. He has been too busy to pay the site the attention he felt it needed and so approached me about buying it. The method of payment will benefit the students of the school Jason graduated. It was truly a friendly deal that is a win-win for all involved.

Jason and his friend known here as faxdata (now in Medical Residency training for his MD) will always be remembered on LG. More on that at a later time.

We are in some need of tech help due to Jason and fax not being able to spend much time on the site. Anyone with LAMP or php knowledge who would like to help, please pm me. is the premier Lakers fan site and I will do everything I can to keep it that way. I will need a ton of help and will be asking for it in the soon.

We are working on a number of things that we hope will make your experience on LG a better one. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Go Lakers! Go LakersGround!
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