Ime Udoka gone for the season
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2022 10:30 am    Post subject:

Four Decade Bandwagon wrote:
Batguano wrote:
According to the gossip sites Udoka had relationships with not one but TWO female staff members. Both of them are married, but one of them is married to a Senior Vice President within the Celtics organization.

Also, apparently one of the relationships started off as consensual but when the woman decided to break it off Udoka got weird/creepy with it and she reported him.

“weird/ creepy” or harassment/ criminal? It should matter.

I find it curious that he gets suspended and hung out to dry publicly, yet the other employees have names protected and as far as anyone can tell have not been suspended by the organization.

Understandable if his actions are criminal and victims being protected. I would expect some charges though. But if somehow considered a morals issue, then the other married people should be held just as accountable IMO.

Details still not clear. Maybe that changes as more facts come out instead of innuendo and gossip.

Not a morals issue - a policy issue.

I have a secretary. If she invites me over to her place, opens up the door naked and begs me to have sex with her, my only option is to turn around and leave. If I sleep with her, I get fired and she keeps her job. Why?

As the boss, I am in a position of power and it is assumed that any relationship is coerced (whether she agreed/initiated or not) because I control her employment.

It's not just a me/her situation because, again, as her boss, I represent the company, so it's not "me" sleeping with her - it's the company, and the company will pay through the nose when the lawsuit hits.

I am stunned with how many people still have a 1950s view on these matters. Clinton-Lewinsky likely cost Al Gore the Presidency, Harvey Weinstein is in prison (even though most of his victims were "consensual"), Donald Sterling & (probably) Robert Sarver were forced to sell their teams, Bill O'Reilly got fired . . .

Keep it zipped at work and around co-workers.
On Lakersground, a concern troll is someone who is a fan of another team, but pretends to be a Lakers fan with "concerns".
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2022 10:45 am    Post subject:

Are there any mods around?

Can this thread be merged with the existing thread on the General Basketball forum? Since this is - after all - General Basketball news, not Lakers news.
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