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A Mad Chinaman wrote:
governator wrote:
A Mad Chinaman wrote:
governator wrote:
A Mad Chinaman wrote:
governator wrote:
A Mad Chinaman wrote:
ThePageDude wrote:
Aeneas Hunter wrote:
A side note here:

The Hawks are such a sad team. They play in a decent sized market. It's a pretty good sports town. They just can't stop tripping over their own feet. I can't remember any season when I thought they had a genuinely good team. Yes, there were a couple teams in the Fratello era that were okay, and yes, there was the fluke season under Budenholzer. I never really believed in those teams, and sure enough, they fell short.

This is a team that actually drafted Luka Doncic, who is now on a Hall of Fame trajectory. They flipped him for Trae Young and a first round pick. The first round pick turned out to be Cam Reddish. This is truly a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I bet there are people in Atlanta who still argue that it was a great trade because they got Trae. In fact, I bet there are people here who salivate over the idea of getting Trae. The fact that he doesn't play winning basketball is just a detail.

Anyway, enough about the Hawks. It's just a sad story that deserved a passing comment.
Yes, just the kind of roster decisions that keep a team mired in mediocrity. Another is the $125m/5 yr contract for John Collins, a puzzling overpay for a non-all-star big in today's game.
They are beating teams that they are suppose to - good sign

Players are getting comfortable in their roles that allows them to shoot in rhythm - hence the higher percentage

Collectively, the team is understanding that playing great D and pace triggers what makes this team to its strength

With JTA, Bryant and Gabriel providing length and production, what tweaks does this team needs - definitely not Turner, Hield, Hayward and others

Only a player like Crowder “might” be a good addition

Let’s hope that this team embraces how it can impose its will on other teams
Sniper, that's what we need the most then back up shot blocker
Who would be better than Schroeder and who would you give up - realistically

Once AD comes back, who is better than Bryant - that has offensive skills and motor - and who would you give up?
I'd flip PatBev, Nunn, Jones, and Russ
For who?
Turner - No
Hield - No
Haywood - No
Crowder - Suns will trade him to the Lakers, doubtful unless they buy-out Crowder (which will never happen)

Jones would only be filler

Nunn's value is very low for other teams, hence only a contract filler

Which teams would want PatBev?

If Russ is traded, who would provide the leadership and pace (along with having the ability to create his own shot) when the bench players are in the game
back up shot blocker? maybe Mo Bamba
sniper? Bogdanovich
LW4 can lead the 2nd unit in lieu of Russ, there's also DS, Reaves
Mo Bamba averages 1+ block per game, Gabriel and Bryant are providing more production (https://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/4277919/mo-bamba)

Bogan Bogdanovic is a nice dream and if traded, would definitely include Reeves and other players that Ham would try to recreate chemistry. Bogdanovich's contract is $74M/4 years contract who is a UFA in 2023. Why would the Hawks trade him?

LW4 is not a consideration to bring pace and production
Reeves would be included in the trade
Schroeder would be a one man gang. Westbrook/Schroeder automatically makes the bench players play at a faster pace but with who?

What players would actually "Move the Needle" that one could realistically get in a trade?

Piston's bogdanovich and his contract is 2/$39m, Nunn/PatBev/FRP
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