2013 Vegas Pro League Laker Player Evaluations

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:36 pm    Post subject: 2013 Vegas Pro League Laker Player Evaluations

Lester Hudson - Had a great week in Vegas. Easily the most consistent Laker player across the board for the team, as I have mentioned before, he does a little bit of everything. Today it was evident he'll be an average man-defender at best, getting caught dead on screens. However, he displayed good awareness defensively and with his 6'9" wingspan, had 5 deflections in the first half of the GSW game and finished with 3 steals. He hit a couple of timely 3 pointers late in the game and demonstrated some patience late, letting CDR make plays, admittedly poor. The Lakers were at their best with him on the floor, always maintaining or extending leads. He still makes a couple of lazy passes which leads to turnovers, but the rest of his game makes it easier to gloss over. He can force turnovers, hit timely shots, pull up from range, and be an impact player on both ends. While the Lakers are stacked at PG, he earned an invite to preseason. If not, he should make big bucks overseas.

Chris Douglas-Roberts had an up and down week. He was able to display flashes of what he can contribute; smart passing, some Iso play, finishing at the rim, 3pt ability, and defense; but was never able to put it altogether. This system doesn't fit him best. He is a finisher/slasher around the hoop and especially from midrange, but is better in a catch on-the-fly situation before he throws a shot, not create off the dribble. While he is highly committed to the team and his dedication is admirable, there is a bit of a question mark over him and how his game translates to the next level within the Mike D'Antoni system.

Elias Harris showed some burst with his straight line drives. He provides energy and aggression. His 3pt. shot has hurt him all week, but he was very good from 20' and in. In transition he excelled, leaking out and ahead of other defenders. He seems best suited at SF where he can outmuscle guys a bit in the post, even if he's lacking a bit of guard skills. The skill level for NCAA play was obvious and while his numbers may not directly show his impact, the +/- one will, especially tonight. He's the 3pt. shot away from being a Marion-like PF with his energy and bounce around the rim.

Michael Snaer wasn't as effective tonight as he was in previous games. He, like Hudson, does a good job of forcing turnovers. However, his game is easy to figure out; either he's at the rim with a layup, or anticipating a 3pt. shot. He seemed to get pushed around a bit by defenders when attacking the basket. He has good quickness against Pro League talent, but the next level will stop him dead in his tracks. He definitely has the talent to play at the next level, and offers intangibles role players don't usually have; good attitude, great work ethic, and the ability to finish games. That goes for in the NBA, and faired well for Derek Fisher's career.

Josh Selby never really looked comfortable on the floor. While his improvement in PG skill is admirable, there is something just off-beat with him running a halfcourt offense. The spacing isn't always right. He needs more of an open floor, or at least an Iso situation where he's most comfortable. He didn't look as explosive as he did last year, but he is still especially quick off-the-dribble and getting to the hoop. Patience and efficiency are next in line for him. Once he gets there, he earns a trip to the L. It took Buycks a few years overseas with guard skill training. Selby looks like he's headed down the same road.

Ime Udoka, I mean Lazar Hayward looks exactly like the same player he was out of Marquette. Spot up shooter, right hand dominant, average finishing abilities, defensive discipline. He needs to be in the right system for him to excel. Sometimes he gets caught in trying to create a play, which is not his strength, and forces up shots outside of his comfort zone. Don't get me wrong, he has NBA talent, but his opportunities to grow as a player were exposed all week. It's frustrating to see, especially knowing how he killed it behind the arc at the NBDL level and averaged over 9 rebs per game.

Marcus Landry is a deadly player when he's left open. When his defender squeezes up tight off-the-ball, he has a hard time getting free. He offsets his rhythm as a jumpshooter. He's an opportunistic slasher but still a deadly 3pt shooter with open looks. Defensively he's average at best, but will need to defend SFs at the next level just to compare in size. He doesn't have the post base of Ron Artest, nor does he have the bounce of Shawn Marion who got away with playing PF at the next level.

Travis Hyman finally showed his Chandler-like game with over 5 swats tonight. He has a defensive mentality to meet at the rim, but doesn't have dynamic defensive ability; e.g. block shots at the rim and secure the rebound at the same time. Tonight it was costly, because GSW was able to hang in the game with their offensive rebounding after he blocked shots. But, Hyman's game is VERY likeable. He'll finish with aggression at the rim and protects the rim equally as a hard. While he doesn't have the explosion to meet the ball at the top of the backboard square, his blocked shots are based on timing and strength; the ball doesn't swat out of bounds, but it stuffs to the floor. He has a future right now with international play and possibly the NBDL. I like how he competed out there.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:27 am    Post subject:

That was very honest and record based evaluation for individual players. As a team they have corresponding positions where they might be strong.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:16 pm    Post subject:

CDR is still playing in the league.
Maybe Marcus Landry as well.
Everyone else I think is out of the league.
Shows how quickly things can go bad for prospects.
This thread was made just 2 years ago.
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