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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:13 pm    Post subject: Your own Mock Draft

Predict as many picks as you want, you can do a list of the whole first round..
I enjoy taking team needs/workouts into account and cooking up a little mock.

1. Simmons - PHI
2. Ingram - LAL
3. Brown - Celtics
4. Chriss - Suns
5. Hield - Wolves
6. Dunn - Pelicans
7. Bender - Denver
8. Murray - Kings
9. Davis or Poeltl - Toronto
10. Ellenson or Thon - Bucks
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:32 pm    Post subject:

1. PHI - Simmons
2. LAL - Ingram
3. BOS - Dunn (It seems that the fans want Bender, but are expecting Dunn)
4. PHX - Chriss or Bender (They're looking for a big man)
5. MIN - Bender (They want Dunn but he won't be available, Bender will not slip past 5. If PHX takes Bender, then Minny will pick Murray)
6. NOP - Hield
7. DEN - Murray (if Murray is taken by Minny, then DEN will select Sabonis since they love Euros)
8. Sac - Brown (I really like him, but I don't see any team other than Boston taking him)
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:50 pm    Post subject:

1. Philly - Simmons
2. Lakers - Ingram
3. Boston - Hield
4. Phoenix - Dunn
5. Minnesota - Bender
6. Pelicans - J. Murray
7. Denver - Chriss
8. Sacramento - Brown
9. Raptors - Ellenson
10. Bucks - Poeltl
11. Orlando - Davis
12. ATL - Korkmaz
13. Phoenix - Skal
14. Chicago - D. Murray
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Starting Rotation

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:48 am    Post subject:

ladies and gents...with the imminence of draft day, i present to you my first and final mock:

1. Philly – Markelle Fultz – all but a certainty now
2. Lakers – Lonzo Ball – they need 3pt shooting in a bad way and his uptempo style of play fits their off. Strategy. And now that PG13 wants to come to the lakers it makes even less sense to draft a forward (e.g., Josh Jackson)
3. Celtics – Josh Jackson – seems like this is who they’ve always wanted
4. Suns - Jayson Tatum – It’s b/w fox and tatum for me with this pick but ultimately went with tatum because the suns already have depth at PG and I believe tatum is the better prospect
5. Kings – De’Aaron Fox – They’re saying it’s who the Kings wanted all along so…
6. Magic – Frank Ntilikina – their draft history would seem to indicate to me that they’re looking for athleticism, versatility, and intangibles which tells us they’re going with Isaac right? Wrong. They’ve shown a tendency at times to reach with their draft picks and their front office is a mess (ref. to Magic GM accidently tweeting a pic of their FA plans)
7. T’wolves – Jonathan Isaac – Twolves are happy he dropped because Isaac seems to be an ideal fit for them. Athletic PF who can stretch the floor, giving KAT more room to operate
8. Knicks – Dennis Smith – The knicks need an hot-injection of excitement and hope in the worst way possible and Smith seems to check those boxes with his star potential (nbadraft comp: Baron Davis/Steve Francis) and elite athleticism. Oh yeah, they also need a PG after Rose leaves for who knows where.
9. Mavs – Malik Monk – This team also needed a PG and were hoping Smith/Ntilikina would have fallen to them but take Monk as he is the best prospect left on the board. Monk has PG size so they may try to play him there but he’s SG so who knows if it works.
10. Kings – Lauri Markkanen – Knock-down shooting 4 who’s been compared to Nowitzki (yeah right)
11. Hornets – Zach Collins – they REALLY need some big bodies who can defend as their current starters are Marvin Williams and Cody Zeller.
12. Pistons (traded to Lakers for Jordan Clarkson, #28, and future second round pick) – Luke Kennard – as mentioned previously about the Lakers, they need 3pt shooting if they are to even come anywhere close to emulating the Warriors offense. As solid as he has been as a 6th man, Lakers brass doesn’t see the fit and potential for Clarkson to become a starter and so becomes the odd man out. Pistons have been rumored to be shopping this pick for veteran scoring/help.
13. Nugs – Harry Giles – WOW, this early for Giles? He’s got allstar athleticism and potential and with the nuggets in a rebuild, they can afford to wait on him.
14. Heat – Donovan Mitchell – I don’t know who this is. I just put him here because the Heat need shooting and with Waiters looking to cash in on FA, he may be on his way out.

Feel free to disagree, comment, question. Thanks.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:51 pm    Post subject:

There's a sticky at the top of the forum
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:10 pm    Post subject:

1. phi - fultz
2. lal - ball
3. bos - tatum
4. phx - jackson
5. sac - fox
6. orl - isaac
7. min - DSJ
8. nyk - frank ntilikina
9. dal - malik monk
10. sac - zach collins
11. cha - donovan mitchell
12. det - lauri markkanen
13. den - luke kennard
14. mia - OG anunoby
substance over style

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:56 pm    Post subject:

Okay only one day left! Guess this is final


1 PHI Fultz
2 LAL Ball
3 BOS Tatum
4 PHO Jackson
5 SAC Fox
6 ORL Smith
7 MIN Isaac
8 NYK Monk

my personal board

1 Tatum
2 Ball/Fultz (tied)
4 Jackson
5 Smith
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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2018 12:45 am    Post subject:

Major changes, with 2 days to go!

1. Suns DeAndre Ayton
The Suns look like they are going to take the local product, and even with the Koskokov/Doncic connection, I'm guessing that owner Robert Sarver's connections to the University of Arizona mean even more. Currently -2500 in Vegas. Yeah, that's a lead pipe lock, folks.
2. Kings Marvin Bagley III
It appears that Vlade is, indeed, going to pass up Doncic. Perhaps he's threatened to stay in Europe if taken by the Kings, and perhaps Vlade just likes Bagley more. Or perhaps Bagley is the only prospect that wants to be a King. And perhaps they are in love with De'Aaron Fox enough to incorrectly think that Doncic would be overkill. Regardless, there's late smoke surrounding Bagley here, so I'll go ahead and follow the tea leaves.
3. Hawks Jaren Jackson Jr.
JJJ offers tantalizing versatility and could wind up the prototypical 5 in the modern NBA. He's one of the youngest players in the draft, so his upside is there, and he also should be a good fit with John Collins. It's also possible that Doncic has told Atlanta he would stay in Europe.
4. Grizzlies Luka Doncic
I would have to imagine that Doncic falling to #4 would be a wonderful consolation prize for Memphis' fall on the night of the Draft Lottery. With Marc Gasol in tow, perhaps Doncic will feel more comfortable, and there's certainly a big need for a ready-to-play wing who can take some of the load off Mike Conley in terms of ballhandling.
5. Mavs Mo Bamba
I'm guessing that Dallas will take the center they've been jonesing for over a wing like Michael Porter Jr. Bamba's potential as a defensive eraser is a very real thing, and if he adds anything offensively such as reliable range, yeah, look out. His jumper looks smooth and sound in recently-released video.
6. Magic Trae Young
Young is the best franchise-changing talent available to Orlando, a team that happens to need a floor general. Perhaps they'll pass on Trae, though, due to new coach Steve Clifford's proclivity to favor defense. Still, this could be an ownership-driven decision.
7. Bulls Michael Porter Jr.
Many teams could be wary of Porter's medicals, but I still don't think he will fall out of the top 8 due to his talent. Sure, there will be questions about his D, but if he's healthy, #1 pick type of upside for Chicago.
8. Cavs Collin Sexton
Since I think LeBron is definitely out the door, I'm changing my pick here from Carter to a lead ballhandler in Sexton. Tough, competitive, and athletic, he could be reminiscent of an early-career Eric Bledsoe.
9. Knicks Wendell Carter
If he's available here, I think the Knicks would take Carter over Mikal Bridges. Could be a great fit in the frontcourt with Porzingis, whenever he comes back (likely in '19-20).
10. 76ers Mikal Bridges
I think Lonnie Walker would be a fine pick here, but I'm going to switch my pick to Mikal Bridges, the local Villanova product. I have no idea how Brett Brown will approach this selection, but with Philly hoping to be close to title contention, perhaps they will take the more ready-to-play guy (Bridges should be taking 3's and defending right away) over the guy with the lower floor/higher ceiling. It's a tough call, really; I'd take Walker, but I think they may take Bridges.
11. Hornets Kevin Knox
Jonathan Givony has heard that many teams love Knox's potential at the next level, and that he could go as high as 9th in this draft. With Sexton off the board, perhaps Kupchak will draft for upside and go with a wing like Knox, instead of SGA at point guard. I think Sexton would be the pick if available, or Trae if he somehow fell.
12. Clippers Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
The smooth SGA will need to get stronger, but has good height/length for the position and can shoot it and has nice touch in the lane.
13. Clippers Lonnie Walker
Perhaps the Clippers could see SGA and Walker as their backcourt of the future. I will note that I could see Jerry West lobbying hard for Huerter as one of their 2 lottery selections. Remember that he was Klay Thompson's biggest champion in the Golden State front office, and Huerter has Klay-like shooting mechanics.
14. Nuggets Miles Bridges
He'll have to answer tweener questions, but Bridges has a chance to be a great pick in the late lotto for Denver. Can shoot it and can drive/kick well.
15. Wizards Robert Williams
Lenghty center prospect underachieved a bit in college, but his defensive potential is a very real thing, and Marcin Gortat is in the final year of his deal (with Ian Mahinmi on a terrible contract as well). I have questions about his motor, and he's a terrible FT shooter.
16. Suns Aaron Holiday
I agree with 44TL that Holiday could be the pick here, since it seems like there's a lot of smoke connecting him there. Although I feel like the Suns could be in the trade market for a point guard, perhaps they will allocate their resources to a veteran that can play the 4 alongside Ayton, and perhaps they won't bring Elfrid Payton back. If that's the case, Holiday is seasoned, has an NBA pedigree, and would form a potent shooting backcourt with Booker.
17. Bucks Zhaire Smith
I could see new coach Mike Budenholzer seeing the virtues of what Kevin Huerter can do, but it's also true that the Bucks don't have a guard with explosive athleticism, and that description might be selling Smith short. We'll see how much influence Coach Bud has, but if the front office MO continues, it feels like Smith could be the choice.
18. Spurs Kevin Huerter
I'll just keep this short: Huerter is good, Danny Green is no longer good, Manu Ginobili is 1000 years old, and Rudy Gay is not a long-term answer.
19. Hawks Jerome Robinson
With their second 1st Round pick, the Hawks opt for the seasoned, polished wing scorer, but I'm no longer calling Hutchison here; I'll opt for the fast-rising Jerome Robinson instead. He can shoot it off the dribble and he can create for teammates, and he's a better shooter than Hutchison, whose FT % is somewhat concerning.
20. T'Wolves Donte DiVincenzo
Another change, after I have had Jacob Evans and Khyri Thomas in this spot. Enter Donte DiVincenzo, who has an Over/Under draft position of 21.5 in Vegas. As DDV should be a competitive defender and a more versatile offense piece than Thomas, I'm going to guess that he would have more appeal to the win-now Thibs. Perhaps he could replace Jamal Crawford in their rotation as a rookie.
21. Jazz Elie Okobo
Utah is not shy about getting foreign players into their program, and Okobo's offense could play well next to Donovan Mitchell once he develops fully. Even if the Jazz re-sign Rubio at the end of the year, there's nothing wrong with having insurance. Dante Exum is also a RFA.
22. Bulls Mitchell Robinson
I believe that the Bulls would take Bamba if he dropped to #7. But he doesn't in this mock, so I'll guess that they would be willing to gamble on Robinson in this spot.
23. Pacers Chandler Hutchison
Perhaps it was Indiana that promised Hutchison; we're going to find out if he falls to 23. Hutchison is more ready to play than Troy Brown will be, and Indiana could feel like adding him would help them more in the short term, and I could see Kevin Pritchard having interest in that.
24. Blazers Josh Okogie
Even if Okogie has a questionable handle and questionable decision-making, he can shoot the 3, he's a great athlete, he projects to be useful on defense, and he can get to the FT line well (and when he does, he shoots it at over 80%). Even if he ends up as a KCP type, that would be well worth the #24 pick in the draft. Maybe Portland could take Troy Brown, but do they really want another wing who can't shoot? (I know, Brown's shooting is not hopeless going forward, but still.)
25. Lakers De'Anthony Melton
Could be the best guard defender in this draft. Can initiate offense and playmake, though he won't be a lead point guard type. If the FO believes his improved shot in workouts will translate to games, could be a major steal. I still think we'd take him over Troy Brown, who continues to fall.
26. 76ers Troy Brown
The Sixers already took a high-floor prospect in Mikal Bridges at #10, so they can absolutely afford to hope that Troy Brown pans out as a wing initiator who can improve his shot, and use his length to be disruptive on D. Philly would have to love Brown falling here.
27. Celtics Grayson Allen
It feels like Allen is 50/50 to go in the 1st Round, since he tested so well athletically during this process, and in speaking of the Celtics, doesn't it just feel like they could take a pesky, loathsome player that other teams' fans will hate?
28. Warriors Jalen Brunson
Brunson would bring IQ, toughness, savvy, and shooting to the Warriors. He can run the offense when Curry is out, and, thus, could eventually take on the Livingston role.
29. Nets Dzanan Musa
Atkinson's system works best with good shooters, and Musa has a chance to develop into a good wing shooter, even though his shot was inconsistent in Europe. Still, he's only 19, and most indications are that he has a good chance to go in the late 1st/early 2nd.
30. Hawks Anfernee Simons
I believe that a team will take him in the first round, and with their third 1st Round pick, the Hawks can gamble on Simons' upside here. And with another pick at #34, it makes sense to get Simons on a 4-year deal, potentially. They can make a "safer" pick at 34, if they want to.

Strong candidates to go in the 30's in the 2nd Round: Khyri Thomas, Jacob Evans, Keita Bates-Diop, Landry Shamet, Jevon Carter, Gary Trent Jr., Melvin Frazier, Omari Spellman.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:37 pm    Post subject:

1. Suns - DeAndre Ayton
2. Kings - Luka Doncic
3. Hawks - Marvin Bagley III
4. Grizzlies - Jaren Jackson Jr
5. Mavericks - Mo Bamba
6. Magic - Trae Young
7. Chicago - Michael Porter Jr.
8. Cleveland - Wendell Carter Jr.
9. New York - Lonnie Walker Jr.
10. Philadelphia - Miles Bridges
11. Charlotte - Mikal Bridges
12. LA Clippers - Kevin Knox
13. LA Clippers - Collin Sexton
14. Denver Nuggets - Keita Bates-Diop
15. Washington Wizards - Robert Williams
16. Phoenix Suns - Aaron Holiday
17. Milwaukee Bucks - Zhaire Smith
18. San Antonio Spurs - Josh Okogie
19. Atlanta Hawks - Kevin Huerter
20. Minnesota Timberwolves - Jacob Evans
21. Utah Jazz - Anfernee Simons
22. Chicago Bulls - Chandler Hutchison
23. Indiana Pacers - Troy Brown Jr.
24. Portland Trailblazers - Melvin Frazier
25. Los Angeles Lakers - De'Anthony Melton
26. Philadelphia 76ers - Grayson Allen
27. Boston Celtics - Donte DiVincenzo
28. Golden State Warriors - Landry Shamet
29. Brooklyn Nets - Moritz Wagner
30. Atlanta Hawks - Jalen Brunson
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