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A Mad Chinaman
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2024 1:05 am    Post subject:

Halflife wrote:
A Mad Chinaman wrote:
With LBJ and AD seeing how these Lakers were aggressive and effective in a free-flowing offensive sets and defensive schemes where everybody was on a string - how will LBJ/AD incorporate the many positives into the team play (maybe quicker and more decisive actions are needed)

In the past, it was ISO consisting of waiting for double teams on AD or LBJ that often saps the energy of the other players because action is at a standstill. It is the eternal question of how to play with HOFers.

Curry - ball moves
Jokic - ball moves
Luka - ball moves
DLo is more willing to move the ball, yet he won’t have it as much. Vandy and Hayes are way more twitchy and spasdic ( in a good way) which gets tempered with AD . It was a glorious game to watch. Our two HOF players are more lumbering which takes away the only real strength some of our others guys have which is hops, length and recklessness.
As many have noted, attaining/maintaining pace is critical to unleash the non-AD/LBJ players, that is dictated by their defense and having a strong defender as the "Head of the Snake."

With Vando (out for 4+ weeks, hopefully returning right after the ASG), Vincent (hopefully returning after the ASG) and Reddish (hopefully returning after the ASG) - players on our roster that are effective +defenders are all injured.
~ Prince was originally hoped to bring a high level D is now strugging to make any impact, or at least not a negative impact, on defense and offense

Only Christie has the skill set and intensity to be the "Head of the Snake" on defense and that is a lot to asked for a second year player, but it is a chance for him to step up

Will Rui utilize his length to cause defensive erruptions to the opposition, will Hayes maintain a Vanderbilt-like high energy presence when he is on the court and will CWood be a dependable rim protecter?

Since it isn't realistic for LBJ to play D consistently, this magnifies the additional handicap of having a non-impact defensive player like Prince playing in a lineup with LBJ and highlights the key injuries to Reddish and Vanderbilt.

We will see if Ham is more a Udoka/SpoelstraTLue-like HC that will find ways to maximize the strengths of this team.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2024 11:44 am    Post subject:

^^^ A really good post that has a lot that I agree with.

The main thing I would add is the factor of what the front office considers when making moves by the trade deadline (and on the market as players are bought out afterwards). The delicate balance is between grabbing what we could use right now with all the injuries and what we need to get through some tough teams in the playoffs.

Even if we were 100% healthy and somewhat being productive to our squad's potential, we still need a backup center of legit size/strength and defensive agility, as well as significant defensive improvements to our back court if we want a chance at raising another banner this season (which we may find in lineups of current players that puts DLo and/or AR15 on the bench for stretches). We'll see what happens.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2024 2:25 pm    Post subject:

It’s always great to beat the Celtics especially in Boston! Thanks DB!
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Hanging from Rafters
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2024 3:03 pm    Post subject:

The good ole days lol! These 8 players have displayed the capability of playing at a high level. The Keltics would never tank a Lakers’ game, especially in Foston. It wasn’t just this game either. I’m fantasizing this as a finals report in a close out game lol!

A coaching upgrade and better health with minor changes around the fringes could lead to something special.


“When it looks as if it is a realistic possibility, I want to focus on winning a ship like it’s a goal that can’t be denied. I didn’t see that this off season.”
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