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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2023 12:11 am    Post subject:

Dr. Laker wrote:
Thanks, DB!

Wood may pay bigger dividends than I expected.

Wood is looking fantastic for us
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2023 12:24 am    Post subject:

governator wrote:
DancingBarry wrote:
governator wrote:
Coulda been 0-4 but DB’s reports got me glass half full, we simply out of sync, gonna get better. Once Reaves becomes Reaves again, Vando back, DLo/Gabe settles in, Rui the Bron body double and AD-Wood becomes a thing… championship run
There's a lot of fixable problems. The unfixable might be Prince is not going to give you rebounding. That's just not who he is. So we need to be aware of just how small some of those units can play with him in that area. He's also not a point of attack stopper like we've been trying to use him.

Another unfixable is I doubt Vando will be spacing the floor enough, so while he gives us the point of attack D, rebounding, hustle...he doesn't have the shooting like Prince. The solution there is tough. Finding some balance of when and where we play those two will interesting whenever Vando is available.

Reaves will come around. It's nothing anyone is doing to him. It's all there for him. Two or three more buckets from him on some of these that are rattling in and out and we're looking much better. Gabe will get more effective with time. Ditto Ham. There are a lot of things the coaches are finding out NOT to do. I liked some of those changes last night, but one game isn't a trend.

The slow process of getting there has just annoyed me more than anything this season. Unfortunately, they've still got a lot more lumps to take.
Well, 2 months to judge, would a Demar or Grant fit a 3&D more?
Other half of the equation that you didb't mentioned is what the Lakers would have to give up.

It is noted that Danny Green is now available, would he fill a need

Let's hope that Vando has added to the game added skills and expertise to limit being played off the floor.

AR has earned the right and cachet to be given time to work into game shape - mentally and physically
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